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Technical Leadership. Project Management. Local and International.

The vision of the Dayton Service Engineering Collaborative is to leverage the talents and resources of the Miami Valley engineering community to add value to domestic and international development programs through technical leadership in concert with global partners.

We aim to accomplish our vision by:

  1. Building partnerships with organizations with demonstrated commitment to a recipient community and a clear vision for programmatic success.
  2. Defining the scope of a program or specific technical project.
  3. Developing appropriate solutions to the understood challenge.
  4. Providing technical leadership to implement those solutions.
  5. Building capacity within our partners to enable independent, sustainable, and effective development.

Our leadership team works to develop partnerships with non-profit and non-governmental organizations serving in the Miami Valley and around the world.  We approach each opportunity as a technical project with a specific client and provide a team of volunteer consultants with specific, relevant experience and a network to communicate, resource, and implement the project.

Additionally, we provide a forum through which our affiliates can share opportunities within their community projects, seek to come alongside existing projects developed through DSEC, and receive expert technical support.

Nonprofit Corporation Directors: Brad Doudican, Malcolm Daniels, and Thomas Barnell

DSEC is a registered 501(c)(3)  nonprofit corporation.

Dayton Service Engineering Collaborative Inc.
PO Box 41704
Dayton, OH 45441